Boiler Replacement

Maybe your existing boiler has broken down, or perhaps you feel it wise to replace your old boiler before it develops a problem? Maybe you would like to upgrade from an older boiler and enjoy the cost and environmental benefits that a new energy efficient boiler provides?

Whatever the reasons, we can supply a brand new energy efficient boiler and fit it professionally and safely, normally all in just one day. No matter whether you have a standard or a combi boiler now, we can replace it. All our boilers are 'A' rated, which means that they are the most energy efficient on the market. Contact us and start saving money on your gas bills!

We are Gas Safe registered, so your can depend on our safe and professional workmanship.

How much could you be saving?

Every new boiler we install is an energy efficient condensing boiler. These are very effective and achieve around 90% efficiency, compared to older non-condensing boilers which may be as little as 60% efficient. By installing a modern condensing boiler, you will start saving money on your heating bills immediately!

See how much you could save by replacing your old boiler with an 'A' rated energy efficient condensing boiler.

Old Boiler Rating Annual Saving (£/yr) Annual Saving (kg CO2/yr)
G ( < 70%) £300 1,220
F (70% - 74%) £200 810
E (74% - 78%) £150 610
D (78% - 82%) £105 420
Whatever your gas or heating requirements, we can help!

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